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BackSlash is a destruction machine. It's filled with highly interactive spells, special moves, and close combat. Fight your friends in one-on-one battles, challenge the AI, or try your hand at over 2 dozen quests.

Inspired by classics of fighting and modern battle games alike, BackSlash explores a new and accessible way to enjoy technical fights. Easy to learn, hard to master, its unique style combination system and accelerating duels will offer you fast tactical situations under a constant power feedback. Players can access all of their selected clans' spells from the beginning without having to learn complicated controller inputs - you can cast spells with just the press of a button.

In the world of Angwaii, a duel is a dance of death and destruction where any style can be combined and everything can be destroyed. Find your very own style, outsmart your opponent with mind and skill to dominate.


  • 10 unique and specialized clans to unlock. Experiment and combine how you see fit, from the deadly Blade Whistle to the disturbing Marsh Trackers.
  • A brutal close combat system to combine with 33 highly interactive spells: perform devastating combos with martial art and sorcery..
  • Fully destructible arenas! The battlefield changes as your raging fights reduce the various stages around the Angwaii world to dust.
  • Dynamic pace in fights. Matches speed up as time passes. Tactics change and a of turn of events is always possible.
  • Two distinct solo modes: Quest Mode (unique fights and challenges) and Survival Mode (how many duels can you win before falling?) Classic Versus Mode to bring it on with your friends.


Thomas Olsson

Made by Thomas Olsson at Skeleton Crew Studio in Kyoto, Japan, BackSlash was born under influences such as intense PVP experiences, Japanese action anime and Hong Kong kung-fu cinema. BackSlash is a one-man team made game supported and produced by experienced artists and game developers.

Thomas Olsson
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2017.10.12 BackSlash Original Indie Game

BackSlash is a destruction machine! It’s filled with highly interactive spells, special moves, and close combat. Fight your friends in a on-on-one battle, challenge the AI, or try your hand at over 2 dozen quests!

2017.10.12 Indie MEGASHOW design compilation Graphics Design Compilation

For Indie MEGABOOTH’s first solo show in Japan, Skeleton Crew Studio was selected to create a new look to bring the show to Roppongi’s SuperDeluxe in Tokyo. With yokai inspired designs created by Skeleton Crew, Indie MEGASHOW showcased games from 20 developers around Asia. We are proudly partnering with IMB to design other MEGASHOW events around the world.

2017.10.12 Dinosaur Museum VR Original VR Production

With help from Tamba City in Tottori Prefecture, Dinosaur Museum VR gives researchers and enthusiasts the ability to play with the the real bones of a scanned "Tambasaurus" in virtual reality. Paint, smash, and pose bones in this experimental VR project we've proudly shown all around Japan.

2017.10.12 Kankoboko AR Collaborative AR Project

Skeleton Crew Studio happily calls Kyoto home, and we’re no stranger when it comes to helping with local festivals. In collaboration with Kyoto VR, check out a Gion Matsuri hoko in the palm of your hand with cutting edge AR technology.

2017.10.12 Extension Program U35 Lecture Series

Want to learn how to build your own game company with advice from the pros? This 3-month lecture series covers the basics of economics, development, planning, and team management. Also earn real-world experience in a 2-day game jam with the team from Skeleton Crew Studio! Live your dream of being your own boss!

2017.10.12 Gehenna Crossing Special Movie Event

Skeleton Crew Studio is a proud sponsor of world renowned movie special effect and sculpture artist Hiroshi Katagiri’s production of Gehenna: Where Death Lives.