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Why work at Skeleton Crew?
  • Develop projects on major technology like Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Vive/Oculus, Xbox, PlayStation, and more
  • Be part of a diverse international team, representing over 13 countries
  • Opportunities for promotions
  • Live and work in historic and cultural Kyoto, Japan
  • Travel and represent the team in Asia, Europe, and America
  • Freedom to work on your own projects or collaborate with teammates
  • A relaxed and flexible work schedule
  • Office is closed for a week for Obon (August), New Years, and Golden Week

Conditions of Employment
Work Location:
  • Kyoto, Japan
Employment Type:
  • Full time and Contract employees
Additional Benefits:
  • Health insurance, national pension insurance
  • Regular working hours: 10:00-19:00 M-F (Lunch Break: 1 hour)
  • Transportation costs covered
  • Paid Vacation: 10 days (after the first 6 months), increasing every year
  • Salary will be decided depending on experience and skills
  • We do not discriminate on the base of gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, or marital status.
  • International applications require a 4-year degree OR 5 years of industry working experience
  • The ability to fluently communicate in English, Japanese, or Chinese
  • For those who live abroad and do not have a Japanese working visa, it may take 3-6 months to have your visa application accepted by Japanese immigration.
※Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Japan is not allowing foreign nationals to enter Japan at this time. Please understand we can not hire abroad until this restriction is lifted.

Application Process:
  • Find a position you want to apply for below.
  • Send your resume/CV/Portfolio to info@skeletoncrew.co.jp
  • We will respond, usually the same day
  • Schedule a Skype call, in English and Japanese
  • Take a short interview test
  • Apply for your work visa (if required)
  • Move to Japan (Kyoto)
  • Use your skills to contribute to amazing projects!

International applications are accepted from any nationality and background.

Be aware that applications requiring visa sponsorship require a 4-year university degree or equivalent.
For more information, please visit the Ministry of Japan's immigration website:


Japanese language skills are not required for most positions, however, you will be required to communicate in Japanese during normal business activities.
Most communication is done with clients in native Japanese, including planning documents, e-mails, and estimates.
JLPT N2 or equivalent is recommended. Most of the team is fully fluent, and you will be pushed to improve if you are hired.

We encourage diversity. We will never discriminate on the basis of ones gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, or marital status.
What positions are available?
UI/UX Designer

Main Roles:
  • UI and UI design for games, web applications, and smartphones
  • Create art and design documention for unreleased products
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe After Effects
Recommended Conditions:
  • Experience in the game industry
  • Experience with Web and IT Development
  • Experience in design
  • Experience with submission of printed material

Please send a recent portfolio along with your resume/CV via e-mail to:


Director and Project Management

Project Manager Position
  • Responsible for planning and overseeing and leading projects from the pre-production stage to completion. This is a senior role and requires interaction with a range of internal and external parties. Candidates must be able to manage several moving parts simultaneously.
  • Leading project planning sessions
  • Coordinating staff and internal resources
  • Managing project progress and adapting work and schedules
  • Ensuring projects meet deadlines
  • Overseeing estimate creation
  • Organizing project documentation
  • Project and product reviews, checking products for bugs and remaining features
  • Working in an English and Japanese environment
Job Qualifications/Requirements
  • Must have experience working in software development or related fields
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills, in Japanese and English (or Chinese)
  • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Must be able to work in Japan

Agency experience welcome.
5+ years experience

Please send a recent portfolio along with your resume/CV via e-mail to: